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Flutes & Frets Duo

Bartok, Byrd, D’Ambruis, Dowland, Eccles, Fery, Gibbons, Holbourne, Marais, Piazzolla, Prokofiev, Purcell, Ravel

Flutes & Frets Duo
Flutes & Frets Duo

Time & location

01 Jun 2024, 8:00 pm

Wallingford, St Mary-le-More Church, St Martin's St, Wallingford OX10 0EG, UK

About the event

Part 1: Birth

Fery, Marin Marais, Ravel and Prokofiev

Part 2: Love

Eccles, Dowland, D’Ambruis, Piazzolla

Part 3: Family 

Byrd, Dowland, Holbourne, Prokofiev, Bartok

Part 4: Death 

Byrd, Gibbons, Purcell, Ravel

The Flutes & Frets Duo, comprising Beth Stone (flutes) and Daniel Murphy (plucked instruments) present intimate, magnetic performances that exploit the fragility and versatility of their ensemble. Their concerts feature a variety of instruments that enable them to express the colours, gesture and emotions of repertoire from the medieval era through to contemporary. Their innovative programme is arranged in four sections under the headings of Birth, Love, Family and Death, which draws on an eclectic and fascinating range of pieces, early, classical and modern, from Western Europe, Russia and South America.

The duo aim to reveal and demonstrate how the sound palette that composers were working with, changed over time, enabling the audience to experience the journey that music has taken to get to the modern sonority. They provide a completely different sound-world through merging historically-informed performance with modern conventional performance.

Flutes & Frets Duo have performed widely across Europe and won a number of international competitions and awards. They are passionate about collaborating with composers to experiment with widening the variety of extended techniques and soundscapes.

View the Flutes & Frets Duo on YouTube.

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