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Indira Grier (cello) and Florian Mitrea (piano)

12 Jun 2021

Beethoven: Sonata for Cello in A, Op.69
Brahms: Sonata in F Major, Op 99

Indira Grier has recently completed a Masters degree at the RCM, and has already won a number of international prizes.  She has been performing as a soloist since the age of twelve, and enjoys playing chamber music with a number of groups, including the Grier Piano Trio with her father Francis and violinist sister Savitri.

Florian Mitrea gave a very successful piano recital for Music at St Peter’s in 2018. He was born in Bucharest, but has been based in the UK since 2008 when he was awarded a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music; he has enjoyed success in several international piano competitions.

Beethoven’s richly melodic sonata, Op.69, was written in the same year as his 5th and 6th symphonies and is headed “Inter Lacrimas et Luctum” (Amid Tears and Sorrow).  The two instruments are clearly equals, sharing some melodies, and the work demands equal virtuosity from both.

Johannes Brahms Op. 99 sonata is the work of a mature composer, but writing with all the passion and sweep of youth; it is quite rightly held as a high point in late nineteenth-century chamber music.

This concert is supported by Making Music through the Philip & Dorothy Green Young Artists scheme.

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